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Horrific Halloween Horrorfest Movie 35: It (2017)

"Welcome to the Loser's Club, asshole!"


Horrific Halloween Horrorfest Movie 2: Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

"I shall rise from my own death, to avenge hers with all the powers of darkness."

Horrific Halloween Horrorfest: Film List

One man vs 43 horror movies and a self imposed deadline of November 30th. Who will win?

Horrific Halloween Horrorfest Introduction and Movie 1: Dracula (1931)

"There are far worse things awaiting man...than death."

The Handmaiden and Reclaiming Heteronormative Narratives

While not perfect, The Handmaiden is the best movie of 2016 and will stick with me for many, many years to come.

Rogue One and The Power of Hope

In spite of every obstacle that was seemingly thrown up against him, Gareth Edwards has succeeded in creating a great movie in the form of Rogue One.

La La Land: Oscar Bait in its Purest Form

La La Land is a good movie that instead of soaring close to the sun like Icarus in the pursuit of being daring, settles for flying safely across the ocean like Daedalus, presumably in the hopes that it will be able to build a temple to Apollo (The Greek God, not Apollo Creed) out of Academy Award and Golden Globe statues.

The Phantom of the Opera and How it Stole My Heart

The Phantom of the Opera is an insanely amazing musical that I'll continue to be obsessed with for many years to come.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Why Zack Snyder is a Child

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is an awful movie that, despite everything I've said, deserves to be seen.

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